Approval Pictures - A How To Guide

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Approval Pictures - A How To Guide

Post by Retrofire » Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:39 am


In order to emphasize the importance of approval photos we've created this primer on how to take and submit your approval photos. It may not be fully understood but there are many steps that the GML/GWL team has to take to review, comment, approve, and submit photos to the 501st Legion. Your submission photos are CRUCIAL to assisting us in this process! The Legion requires three photos to be submitted for the record and they will reject them if they do not meet their standards. They require an action shot, a front full shot, and a bucket off shot. These pics are archived and added to the Garrison page on the 501st website. The GMLs will review your pictures against the current CRL taking into account all the details that are described in the listing. If we cannot make a part out then we'll have to ask you to take new photos which will delay the approval process. When you submit we will need the following shots:

Front - This needs to encompass the entirety of your feet to the top of your head.
Left Side - This can consist of two depending on the CRL. If there are items on your belt then it would be one with arms up and one with arms down.
Right Side - This can consist of two depending on the CRL. If there are items on your belt then it would be one with arms up and one with arms down.
Back - If you are submitting a character with a cape then this would be two as well. One with cape and one without cape.
Front Bucket Off - If this is a helmeted (TK, TB, etc) or masked character (Snope, Greedo, etc) a bucket/mask off is required. And not just pulled up, but fully removed so your entire face can be seen
Detail Pictures - If you have a complex character such as Darth Vader, Death Trooper, etc that has many parts we'll require close up photos of the various parts that make up the costume. Refer to the CRL and if you have questions contact the GML Team.

All the pictures need to be taken against a contrasting background and be as clear as crystal so the GML team can make out all the details of your costume. The GWL uses Photoshop to process the photos for the Legion so using a non-contrasting background makes their lives infinitely more difficult as they have to cut your photo out of it to place it into the Legion provided background for your costume type.

Additional Tips:
• These photos are to demonstrate to the GMLs the best possible condition and presentation of your costume. Stand tall with your shoulders back and head level. No animals, items or other people should be in the pictures with you.
• Use a plain, different colored background (no convention photos, house stucco or patterns backgrounds).
• Send a 6-Pack of photos. You must include full-length views of your costume (head to feet) from the front, back and both sides. Also submit an "action pose" and "bucket off" (as applicable) as well for your Legion Profile. Make sure to not cut off your head or feet in any of the pictures.
• Be sure images are high-resolution and high quality with adequate lighting and no shadows.
• Do not wear any non-canon accessories or add ons. This includes jewelry, glasses, earrings. Any additions to your costumes that are part of the canon costume should not be in the pictures either (unit patches, extra weapons, pauldrons).
• Make sure your photos are taken so that no part of your costume is "cut off" or out of frame.
• Be prepared to have closeup shots of certain parts of your costume for evaluation. If a detail is called out in the Costume Reference Library, it needs to be inspected.

Here is a sample set for review. Note the contrasting background, lighting, and clarity of the images:


Right Side

Left Side

Right Side Arms (If Necessary)

Left Side Arms (If Necessary)


Bucket Off

We love seeing so many submissions but we need your help to complete the process seamlessly. You've worked hard on your costume and should be proud to show it off! Photos that do not meet the requirements will only slow the process as a new set will have to be requested to complete your review and photo submission to the Legion. We hope this helps and as always you can contact any member of the GML/GWL team should you have any questions. We're here to serve you and we look forward to seeing your next costume in the submission loop soon! :scout:

You Tube how-to by Terry Chui, TB-2886, GML Canada-Outer Rim Garrison

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