Chili's Restaurant Toys for Tots Give Back Night

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Chili's Restaurant Toys for Tots Give Back Night

Post by Keith Rock » Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:37 pm

The Date: December 14th, 2014
The location: Chili's Restaurant, Tucson, AZ
The mission: Combine 501st Legion and Rebel Legion forces to bring holiday cheer to children in need

It was a cold and clear night as the troopers from the Dune Sea Garrison and the Mos Eisley Base arrived via shuttle craft at the Chili's located on Broadway in Tucson Arizona. Their mission was to assist the brave men and women of the Marine Corp in securing toys and cash donations for those in need during the holiday season. It was a rowdy start to the troop, but that's to be expected from the likes of Boba Fett, Han Solo, and his partner Chewbacca. Aunt Beru broke up the fighting, told Boba to collect his bounty at a later time, and offered up blue milk to bring the peace ;)

The mission began with a meet and greet with the Chili's management and the Marine Corp participants. After a few minutes and photos with the Marines, the troopers were set loose to bring in the crowds. Toys and cash donations were coming in quicker than Anakin converting to the dark-side :vader: . By the end of the troop, six boxes were overflowing with toys, Chili's donated $600 cash, and the Marine's cash donation box was also packed full. An excellent combined effort by the DSG and the RL!!!!
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