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Sky Kids: Fly Day - Scottsdale

Posted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:55 am
by Keith Rock
The Dune Sea Garrison was invited out to assist with the Scottsdale Airport's event to support families of children with special needs. The Sky Kids: Fly Day on November 7th was held to give the children some empowerment activites by not only taking them up for individual flights in some small airplanes, but also giving them control of the aircraft during flight.

Here's a quote from the event coordinator:
The November 7, 2015 Scottsdale Fly Day Event was an extraordinary success. We flew 117 Families around the Phoenix Valley. The Sky Kids Team wants to thank all the volunteers and pilots who volunteered their time, skills and airplanes to make this day an overwhelming success.

But most of all we want to thank the parents and guardians of all our "Sky Kids" for taking care of these wonderful children and sharing them with us for the day.

Thank you all,

The Sky Kids Teams